Florida 2005

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Day 1 (01/30/05)

We arrived in Orlando about 6:30 AM on Sunday morning after a long flight with little sleep. The weather was partly cloudy, but very nice after the Pacific Northwest.

We picked up our car at Hertz and drove to Disney World & checked into the Caribbean Beach Resort & luckily were able to get into our room without waiting until 3:00 PM. We were tired, but also hungry, so we walked over to a nearby restaurant for breakfast and a little sight seeing of the resort.



After breakfast Judy found a hammock and it took a while to get her out. We then headed back to our room, but when I stopped to take a few pictures Judy found another hammock.

We finally made it back to our room and decided to take a nap about 1:00 PM. We woke up at 5:00PM feeling a little groggy, but better, so we hoped a bus to Disney's MGM Studio and had dinner at the Sci-Fi Drive in Restaurant. It is set up like a drive-in theater and you sit in old convertible cars looking at a large screen playing previews of 1950/60 science fiction movies. I remember several of them. The food was good and we had a good time.


After dinner we discovered that quite by accident we had picked the only park at Disney World that was open late that night for guests staying at the resort. Thus we stayed until almost 10:00 PM going to several exhibits & rides. The most exciting was the "Rock'n Roller Coaster, Starring Aerosmith". It was a looptyloop roller coaster mostly in the dark that was VERY FAST. Quite exciting.


We then returned to our room, read a little bit and collapsed.


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