Florida 2005

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Day 15, 16  & 17 (02/13/05)(02/14/05)(02/15/05)

Not much to report for these days. We got up on Sunday, packed & started north under sunny skies. About half way up the Keys we stopped at the town of Islemorado for a great lunch, crab cake sandwich & key lime pie. We knew it would be delicious, because we had eaten dinner at this restaurant a few days before. We made it to Naples, Florida with no problem, although Judy swears she saw an aligator in the ditch just off the road as we drove through the Everglades

On Monday we left Naples & had an uneventful trip back to Orlando, staying at a hotel near the airport. The hotel was less than a mile from the Hertz drop off location, so after checking into the hotel I returned the car and walked back to the hotel. Had dinner, watched TV & went to bed.

Tuesday we got up at 5:30AM, 2:30AM west coast time to catch our plane home at 8:30AM.

I am writing this now in the airplane within an hour of landing. Cross country flying is a drag.

Thanks for your interest in our travels, but this is the end.

I'll get it posted as soon as I can after arriving home.


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