Florida 2005

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Day 9 (02/07/05)

I was feeling much better today. Judy went to class as usual & I spent a couple of hours on the web, emailing & staying in touch with things.

I then went to K-Mart & made a few 8 x 10 prints of some of the photos I took over the weekend. The director of the art school Judy is going to had  invited me to sit in on a photo critique session being conducted that afternoon, so I wanted a few images to show. It was very informative as the instructor was very knowledgeable & had a lot of good information to pass along to his students. He said my work was very good.

Went back to the hotel, ate dinner, watched TV & went to bed.

Day 10 (02/08/05)

Didn't sleep in real late today and went to the lobby for our usual continental breakfast. Judy decided to go for a walk to take a few pictures & I went back to the room to take it easy for a while. Judy spent an hour walking & taking pictures of the beach and some buildings. As she was walking past a construction site one of the workers started calling to her to take his picture. So she did. We later had a print made of the photo and he was very appreciative. Others didn't want their picture taken, thinking she was from Immigration or checking up on their work.

Spent the rest of the day driving around town going to art stores looking for large portfolio to carry Judy's paintings back on the plane. She has an old one she used to come here, but it got ripped in transit. Didn't find one, but as we were leaving the last store we started to go out in one direction, but the traffic was backed up so I turned around to go out the other way. As we drove by the back on a store we noticed some workers putting a lot of empty boxes into a truck. I slammed on the brakes and Judy ran back to ask if we could have one. No problem & I think it will work out fine. We will probably have to cut it down a little & use duct tape to secure it, but it should do the job just fine.

Change of plans. Instead of going to the gulf coast, we have decided to go south and spend a few days in the Florida Keys.


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