Florida 2005

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Day 7 (02/05/05) & Day 8  (02/06/05)

Not too much happened these days. Judy went to class & I, still not feeling great, took it easy.

 I Drove up the coast & spent a little time on the beach

  on the 5th & went to downtown Ft Lauderdale & the movies on the 6th. Judy, of course spent both days in class & is having a wonderful time.

One thing I have noticed is that there is a lot of building going on here. Some of it is new construction, but I think some of it is reconstruction from the hurricane season just past. I talked to one restaurant owner a block from our hotel & he said that he was forced to evacuate for four days. In this picture you can see that the sign is tipped back & bent. Many, if not most, of the palm trees are braced in an upright position.

We both have been going to bed early.

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