Florida 2005

Day 4 (02/02/05)

It's time to leave Disney World, but we decided to stay at least part of the day to rest up. I cancelled our first night at the motel in Boca Raton & made a reservation in Melbourne, FL, which is about a third of the way to Boca Raton. We then spent a leisurely morning eating a light breakfast & reading by the pool. 

Around noon we went over to Downtown Disney and had another wonderful meal at an Italian restaurant.

An interesting note about our meals while we have been here. As part of our "package deal" with our room, we received what they call "Magic Wishes", which can be used for meals or several activities. Other than the Cirque Du Soleil, we really weren't interested in any of the available activities, so we used the rest on meals. The idea was to use one "wish" each on a meal, but since the meal included appetizer, entree & desert, we just used one "wish" for each meal & split it, which was more than enough food for us. The interesting thing was that the tip was also included & since the tip was 15% of the total bill the waiters were very helpful in pointing out the most expensive items on the menu and the additives we could apply to the salad, etc. We had some of the best meals I can remember.

After lunch it started to rain, so we decided that was a good time to leave, which we did. It rained most of the way to Melbourne, but stopped by the time we got there. It's a good thing I made reservations, because the motel filled up just before I got there & the manager said that all of the motels in the area were filled. He said that during the last hurricane season the area lost 1500 rooms & they wouldn't be replaced until mid summer. 

The end of another day & we are very tired from all of the walking we have been doing, but have had a great time.

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