Florida 2005

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Day 13 (02/11/05)

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was warm & clear, but after dinner the wind started picking up & during the night it was blowing very hard, but no rain. In the morning it had calmed down quite a bit, but was still blowing about 20-25 mph.

We leisurely packed up & slowly drove toward Key West. About 30 miles from Key West we stopped at a restaurant called Parrottdise for lunch. The restaurant was also an access point for my Hi-Speed Wireless Internet service. The meal was great, but while I was able to access the internet & download my email I was unable to upload files to my web page. Not sure why, but such is life.

We made it to our hotel by early afternoon & I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the hotel had complementary Hi-Speed Wireless Internet service in the rooms, which works perfectly.

We were tired, so we spent a lazy afternoon & had dinner in the hotel restaurant. I think the further south we go the lazier we get.


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